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Who Wants to Listen to Hope Unknown Rock!

Yes, you have found the page where we put up our music for all to listen to free of charge. If you like it let us know. If you hate it let us know. If you have nightmares when you go to sleep about Hope Unknown band members invading your room.... Those are not dreams!! We break into your houses and watch you sleep at night. What can i say we are sick puppies. Sick puppies who love to play the rock and roll music. Or whatever it is we play.

>> Matt
>> Omid

Tunes to Rock Out

Simple World - simpleworld.mp3

  • This is our first, and only song recorded in a "real" studio. We like it.

Transition - transition.mp3

  • This at present is Aarons favorite song. Its got that metal touch he loves.

Out of Sight - outofsight.mp3

  • "Me likey the liquor" - "PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN!"

Tunes to Cry

Doubt - doubt.mp3

  • Your doubt makes me go.....

Realize - realize.mp3

  • There is to much to live for

Confused - confused.mp3

  • Who am I? What do I want? Don't preasure me!

Tunes to laugh at till you pass out

Replacement Spooning Man (RSM) - RSM.mp3 | Lyrics

  • The Ladies Man of Ladies Men

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