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Who Is Hope Unknown?

Hope Unknown is compiled of a group of friends who like music so much they feel they should contribute there own sound to the world. Wether its for the good of the populace is yet to be determined, but until someone puts a stop to our mad idea we will keep on writing and recording and sharing our tunes for all those wandering the internet to enjoy.

>> Matt
>> Omid

The Good

For the most part we are good, hardworking (well most of us), honest boys. We write/jam/record when we have time to all get together. That's really all there is to our master plan of superstardom.

The Bad

On occasion we like to write a song that could get us in trouble with our mothers if they happened to hear them. Like our classic little ditty about spooning.

Replacement Spooning Man

The Down Right UGLY!

Hope Unknown has been known to start bar fights at local dives just for the sheer pleasure of the car ride to the police station and the looks on the faces of the people who have to bail us out

None of the above sentence is true in anyway, we have to fake like we are cool
Hope Unknown, © 2002-2004