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Welcome to Hope Unknown's Official Site.

HU is a punk/alternative/rock band based out of Ventura County (Thousand Oaks for the Locals). Started in early 2002, Hope Unknown is a project conceived of utter boredom and the need to do something artistic in the lives of its members.

The Band has progressed into more than a hobby with the hopes of SUPER STARDOM in the eyes of its members.

In the bands off time we like to enjoy a home brew complements of our beer making kit from

In the near future (if all goes well) this site will be expanding with more and more new and unique web content. One of the members of the band, who will remain unnamed, is getting bored and needs something to do to kill time. So in other words, bare with us and see what happens in the days/months/years to come.

HU's static staff

David Matt Robert Omid Aaron

Wall Papers:

Ventura County Punk Band
Ventura County Rock Band



Our friends the Pocketrockers are playing a show @ The Derbyon May 18th. You should check them out!

4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA.

Bands start playing at 8pm


HopeUnknown has added a guitarist to the mix! Aaron Landerkin. Aaron is a big fan of the classic rock and metal so it will be interesting to see what he can bring to HU's sound.


Currently HopeUnknown is working on their first demo. It will be an eight song CD with a blend of unique styles.

Update 4/04 - HU isn't sure what it is doing. We come up with songs almost everday, play them a few times, and move on. Damn we need to work on our focus. Oh well, all in good time i guess.

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